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April 28, 2011

My Furry Children

I am so happy to have critters in my life.  Right now our family has three furry ones that share our space.

The oldest of the three is Meow Meow who is also known as The Puff.  She came to us about 10 years ago when our neighbors bought a beach place and didn't want to have to worry about her when they were away.  We did not name her Meow Meow.  I need to make that really clear.  My poor husband is mortified by what he calls the most stupid and mortifying name ever giver to a cat right alongside Princess and Kitty.  For the first two years she only loved my husband.  If she was out past dark she would only come home to the sound of his voice.  Imagine, if you will, the image of a man in his pajamas standing in the front yard saying "Meow Meow" over and over again.  He is a good good husband and what some would say a very strange neighbor.

Our second furry friend came to us by accident.  His name is Nube (pronounced new-bay...not noob) which is the Spanish word for Cloud because he is a little ball of heaven.  His nickname is Nu-Nu (not to be confused with Noo-Noo the Teletubbies vacuum) and he is a chinchilla.  Yep, a Peruvian squirrel that currently lives in a cage on a piano bench in the never used spa tub in my bathroom.

Nu-Nu came into our lives when a friend of mine did the ultimate impulse purchase on her way back from skiing on Mt. Hood.  She and her kids saw a sign that said "Chinchillas for Sale Cheap" and of course they had to stop.  They got more than they bargained for when they decided to pick up a rodent shaped pack of gum on their way through the checkout line better know to most of us as Rt. 26.  The little fella turned out to be a knocked up little gal!  Nu-Nu was one of the babies.  Chinchillas are know to live for up to 20 years so he will be in our tub for a while.  He has a playpen to hang out in when he can be supervised.  Meow Meow is terrified by him but the third member of the family might just see him as an afternoon snack.

And that leads us to Marshall the Cat (MTC).  When I was at the pet store picking up food for Nu-Nu i wandered over to the Cat Adoption Team area of the store and there was Marshall.  Not to be dissing small petite kitties but I love a big hunk of cat and Marshall is a BIG hunk of Maine Coon kitty.  Knowing full well that Miss Meow would not be happy with another cat in the house, I sadly walked away.  MTC haunted me for two weeks.  I talked about him to everyone and had to go back and see if he was still there.  It was a Friday after work and I headed to the pet store ready to be disappointed but  glad that he had found a new home.  Surprise surprise!!!!  MTC was still there!  It was fate.  I took him home that day and a little over a year later he has settled in nicely.  He sleeps on Nu-Nu's cage and teases Meow Meow who continues to hiss and him give him the "stupid whipper snapper" nook.  He also occasionally tries to kill my oldest son Bumble.  It's hilarious how cats know the person in the house that they can get the best reaction from.

So that's it.  The story of our creatures.  Hope your world is full of furry friends and non-furry ones alike that bring you happiness and bliss!  Peace!